The Ultimate Highly Active Micro Nutrient “state of the art” formulae for prevention and healing of illness. 



Indicated Uses

  1. Regulation of the biochemical and physiological balance of the body
  2. Improves the quality and quantity of blood cells
  3. Optimizes immunity and maintains a disease resistant state
  4. Regulates blood lipids, carbohydrates and protein metabolism
  5. Adjunct for kidney function maintenance
  6. Reduces uric and other acids which cause renal and gall stones
  7. Improves blood circulation and vision
  8. Antiviral for flu, dengue and blood borne virus
  9. Correction of some forms of anemia

Indicated Uses

  1. For Genito – Urinary  Tract hygiene and prevention and prevention of Genito – Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  2. Adjunct for the treatment of gall and renal stones
  3. Mild natural antibiotic
  4. Adjunct for viral fever
  5. Adjunct treatment for acne 



Indicated Uses

  1. Improvement of the immune system to defend the body from infection and cancer.
  2. To neutralize the free radicals that causes oxidative damage.
  3. To improve the repair, restoration and healing power of the human body.