Natural Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment for Dengue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever



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The Cause of Dengue Fever – The holistic ecological natural approach.

Just like the viruses and other life forms that have cooperatively and collectively co-evolved with human life, a process which spans a period of about two billion years, the dengue viruses and mosquitoes are no exceptions in the long progressively evolutionary journey. Rightly seen, all matter and life forms are co- evolving cooperatively in ecological inter – connectivity, each relying on each other, directly or indirectly for its survival and life process.

From this perspective of ecological inter-relatedness amongst the myriad life forms, maintaining its unique individuality and surviving collectively, there is a continuous challenge for all life forms and amidst this ongoing, expanding process, each life form has developed its own built–in defense system that is known as immunity to protect itself from any form of onslaught from other life forms. In this process of life, there is a delicate balance between each life form, whereby each life protects itself from being attacked and its survival threatened. This protecting activity through the immune system,  does not allow the invading pathogenic organisms to penetrate into the body of the life form, or the formation of mutated cells within the body itself from becoming cancerous.

Dengue Fever, just like any other infectious viral disease sets in when the immunological defense system weakens, gives way or breaks down, allowing the virus to penetrate, replicate and damage the body. The state of immunity is the major determinant in the appearance of Dengue Fever in the human body. From this postulate, it is clear that the real cause of Dengue Fever is loss of immunological power that was not strong enough to ward off the virus from entering into the human body and cause the disease to start and progress. In other words, the real cause of Dengue Fever is the weakened immune system for which the human being is the cause. 

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