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Introduction to AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Center

AK PHARMACY & NATUROPATHY CENTER was established in the year 1997. It started as a small pharmacy and naturopathy center at Taman Kinrara, Puchong  and eventually developed within 9 years to become one of the leading naturopathy centers in Malaysia .

Besides handling regular clinical cases, AK PHARMACY & NATUROPATHY CENTER also formulates natural healthcare recipes from spices, seeds, cereals and natural vitamins. Basic SBCV formulation was introduced to its patients. Positive response from the patients impelled the founder, Prof Dr. Ananthan Krishnan to further research and usage of SBCV in managing health and common diseases of patients at the center.

AKPNC is now an official and recognized research center for Alternative Medicine Research Institute – Center for Asia, for the development of safe natural alternative medicines and beauty products known as the Mas Ayu Range of Products. Fundamental research is ongoing and several breakthroughs are recorded. New products are being developed and registered with the Ministry of Health.

Starting off with 200 registered patients within Taman Kinrara, Puchong in 1997, AK PHARMACY & NATUROPATHY CENTER presently has almost 50,000 patients from all over Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, China, South Africa, Australia, England, European Union, Canada and the number is still growing .

The Company’s approach of giving safe, efficacious quality products and natural healthcare services at an affordable rate is the reasons that turned the company’s business to its present position.

AK PHARMACY & NATUROPATHY CENTER now has several centers affiliated to its name at strategic locations within Malaysia . The company plans to open more centers in Malaysia and in the South East Asian countries, before expanding and spreading its wings globally.