Stomach Cancer


Cancer, the dreaded disease had  insidiously crawled its way into frail Emma’s esophagus. In its advanced stage it allowed no room for a feeding tube, robbing her of nutrition and sapping away her energy. As a result, Emma was too weak to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

With all allopathic treatment options closed to her, Emma was doomed to die  with doctors predicting her death within 6 months. In desperation, she sought treatment at AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Centre. She was given only THREE products from the range of Highly Active Micro Nutrients – Manna Plus, Kolostrum and Dadih which effectively arrested, prevented the growth and eventually healed her completely of her cancer. It is now five years since that dreadful day and Emma continues to live a fruitful and happy life, cancer-free.

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