Dengue Case Story 1


Name  : Alanna  Goh
Age   : 12 years old
Gender  : Female

Alanna Goh developed a fever on 12th April 2009 and was admitted to hospital in the Phillippines on 16.04.09 with a platelet count of 95,000, diagnosed differentially with Dengue. Her father contacted AK Pharmacy on 15th April 2009 after having read about us on the internet. He was advised to admit his daughter as her phatelet count was low. Mas Ayu Dengue Formulae was immediately couriered to her. She started on Amirtha, Kolostrum and Semalu, 2 capsules 3 times daily on 18th April 2009. Alana was discharged on 21st April 2009 with a normal phatelet count of  196,000/L.