Diabetes Case Story 6


Diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 at age 21, Pachamuthu found himself at the hospital emergency department with Acute Pulmonary Edema. Despite 20 years of trying to regulate his wild blood glucose swings with oral medications and insulin injections, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) had finally caught up with him.

It was the last stroke, Pachamuthu was emotionally and physically exhausted, spiritually bankrupt and was contemplating suicide, only the love for his wife and children prevented him from leaping from the ledge of the hospital. CKD and the tri-weekly dialysis treatment eventually robbed him of his health. He became bedridden, depressed and totally dependent upon his  family.

He laughed when his family brought him to AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Centre, scornful and disbelieving of the power of spices, beans, seeds and cereals. Challenged by Prof. AK’s faith in the products, Pachamuthu agreed to taking Manna Plus, Semalu and Angin. Two weeks later, he promtly turned up at the centre – this time he had ridden his motorbike from Kajang to Puchong, on his own – embarking on a personal journey towards healing and wellness.

Today, Pachamuthu has taken himself off all allopathic drugs, he is insulin-free, diabetic readings are normal, he is  much healthier and lives a productive life. He continues with his dialysis treatment integrating it with our nutritional formulae. He has to date, referred many patients to the centre and changed the lives of countless others. For a full reading, please visit www.amriasia.org.