Diabetes Case Story 5

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Mdm Parimala, 43 years old, developed gestational diabetes when she conceived her third child and since then her blood sugar levels remained high, complicated further by her elevated cholesterol levels. She developed foot ulcers and in February 2011, she sought treatment at AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Centre. The pictures above show the severity of her condition.

She was  prescribed Manna Plus, Semalu, Dadih, Kolostrum and Pahit. The pictures below show the major improvements she experienced just 15 days after treatment! Natural Medicine  views Diabetes as an ‘energy imbalance’ disorder – it is not a disease but merely a condition that can be treated and managed with Highly Active Micro Nutrient Formulae for biochemical balance and lifestyle modifications. Picture below, taken 23rd February 2011, shows the dramatic healing of the foot.

View more footage and read the complete case story on our website : www.amriasia.org Parimala 4