Diabetes Case Story 2


Amuniamah Mottayan, 50 year old housewife, first presented at AK Centre on 1st September 2002 as a very emaciated invalid. Just discharged from hospital, she was extremely weak, in pain and unable to walk without assistance.

A diabetic for the last 9 years, she was insulin dependent for 9 months, 32 units in the morning and 12 units at night yet her random glucose readings were very high at 16.1mmol/litre.

She was prescribed Manna Plus and Tenang, 2 capsules 3 times a day after meals and after only 5 days, great improvements were seen. Her sugar levels remained below 10, she regained her strength and was able to walk on her own.

She discontinued her insulin on 18th December 2002 and has not developed any progressive, degenerative diabetic side effects despite her occasional sugar spikes. Her liver and renal profiles remain within the normal ranges and she continues to maintain her wellness protocol.