HIV/AIDS Case Story 1


Due to drug addiction and exposure to IV needles, Zainuddin contracted the HIV virus in 1993 which progressed to full-blown AIDS. He was started on anti-retroviral drugs  at GHKL in 2001. His CD4 was 25 and  viral load was 100,000.

He also contracted Hepatitis  C but was not prescribed Interferon. On 21st November 2007 he was started on Highly Active Micro Nutrient products as an integrated treatment approach. He was given Amirtha (now known as Manna Plus), Semalu, Neem, Aki, Tenang, Kolostrum and Goat’s Milk with Honey.

After 12 months on the supplements, his CD4 improved to 558 and his viral load was less than 40 copies per ml (undetectable till date). His Hepatitis  C is also undetectable and it is believed that in time, he will be free of the disease and the symptoms.

Zainuddin has put on weight, is alert, able to sleep better, can travel and is generally very happy with his health status. He currently works at AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy Centre as  a Special Projects Officer and serves on the RVD Team. As of 2012, he  is also a happily married man.


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