Liver Failure Case Story 1


The liver is the largest organ of the body and the only organ capable of regenerating itself. It performs several important metabolic functions including the metabolism of environmental toxins and chemical drugs, a fact that is very relevant to this case story. 72 year-old Robert Tay was a heart patient and stroke survivor taking multiple prescription drugs for his elevated cholesterol levels and health problems.

The statin drugs that he was prescribed did help in managing his cholesterol for a while but eventually damaged his liver which in turn affected his overall health. When Robert consulted at AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Centre in July 2011, he was treated with Manna Plus, Kolostrum, Dadih, Semalu, MultiVitamins with Goats Milk and Honey. Six months later, the healing protocol not only helped his liver in its regenerative process  but also regulated his blood lipids and glucose levels.

In emergency cases, allopathic treatments are necessary but it is the  over-reliance on them that causes health problems.

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