Motor Neuron Disorder


This is a remarkable healing case story of a strong-willed woman, Kalaivani who recovered fully from progressive spastic paraparesis, dysesthesia, myelopathy and bilateral hip osteoarthritis using natural medicine.

Kalaivani was hobbled by four severe debilitating diseases of the nervous system that filled her every waking moment with agonizing pain, a condition she had to endure from 2006 to 2011. In March 2011, she decided to seek treatment at AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Centre.

Treatment was two-pronged, first to educate and help her manage herself better, and second, to help her re-balance the thousands of bio-chemicals in her body. Kalavani was immediately treated with Manna Plus, Mas Kal, Tenang, Kolostrum, Dadih, Multivitamins, Fish Oil and Goats Milk Powder.

One month later, significant improvements were reported, her jerky movements and facial  twitching had stopped, breathing had improved, no more painful headaches, the pins and needles sensations had subsided and overall general health  was good. Month after month, she continued to make tremendous strides in improvement. A year later, Kalaivani had regained 70% of her normal health. She continues to get better everyday.

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