Inflammation of the pancreas or Pancreatitis is often, a painful condtion where the  body’s digestive juices start attacking and damaging the tissues that produce them. Conventional treatment is limited and the condition, if prolonged is usually fatal.

For 25 year-old Jagatiswary, life seemed to have dealth her a severe blow in the prime of her life. She was surgically treated for pancreatic stones and in the process  had part of her pancreas and spleen removed. She thought all was well after that until the inflammation returned to haunt her.

For Jagathiswary, there were not many options left until she visited AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy Centre. Two months after consuming Manna Plus, Kolostrum and Dadih, she had gone to the hospital to get her scans done, only to discover that her pancreas were normal again, much to the amazrment of her doctor! And she was pain-free at last.

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