A stroke happens when blood flow to a part of the brain is interrupted or impeded resulting in partial or total paralysis that could be temporary or permanent.

Vemala was disabled by stroke  in 2004 that left her numb and weakened on the right side of her body. She spent three years trying almost all kinds of therapy to improve her condition but none proved encouraging or productive. Vemala had to endure post-stroke symptoms such as severe muscle weakness, fatigue, painful cramps, anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Her options for recovery were rehabilitation and chemical drug medications that in the long run proved to be ineffective even after having taken them for three years.

She did not hold out much hope when she visited AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Centre in 2007 but within three months after taking the Highly Active Micro Nutrients – Manna Plus, Angin, Tenang, Dadih, Multivitamins and Fish Oil – she was better than she had been in three years. All health parameters returned to normal and she regained full control of her life and was able to walk normally again, much to the amazement of all!

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