Dengue – A dramatic healing story

DJ (not his real name) is a male, school going, 10 year old, Indian child, from Kajang, Selangor. DJ developed a persistent high fever around  15.04.2010. DJ was consulted  @ Kajang Hospital & dismissed as a  case of fever of unknown origin with minimal treatment and investigations.

Two days later, as DJ was not improving, he was consulted @ the Semenyih Health Centre, where he was again dismissed  with no further advice or intervention.

DJ, who has not missed school since the onset of the fever, now faints in school and is sent to Serdang Hospital and is admitted to the normal ward. Soon after admission, DJ starts to bleed. His phatelet count reached almost zero level. DJ is transferred immediately to the ICU where he is transfused platelets and various fluids as per current mode of therapy for dengue haemorrhagic fever.

DJ succumbs to acute renal failure and is dialysed with not much improvement.

DJ’s next of kin are informed that DJ will not make it and probably will DIE within the next 2 to 3 hours. DJ is slipping in and out of consciousness and is barely alive on 17.05.2010.

In sheer desperation, DJ’s uncle consulted Prof. Dr Ananthan Krishnan. Prof AK advised the uncle to try and feed the supplements to DJ somehow.

Prof informed the uncle that DJ was critically ill and chances of recovery was minimal and questionable, but there was no harm in attempting natural medicine as it had been proven through 100s of dengue victims where the product did help them recover dramatically. Mode of administration was a challenge, as DJ was semi conscious and the supplements come in capsules.

DJ was started with MannaPlus, Semalu, Kolostrom and Aki.  All of them as 1 capsule @ 8 hour intervals.

Mode of delivery to be, the contents of the capsule to be made into a suspension with goat’s milk and fed orally under the tongue. DJ’s condition improved and he was no longer on the dying list. 2 days later DJ was moved from the ICU to a regular ward. Dialysis was on going but was eventually stopped on 21.05.10. Serdang Hospital called on 24.05.10, to inform Prof AK that DJ’s fever was quite persistent, but he was otherwise out of danger.

DJ was now well on the road to recovery, inspite of his fever. He was eating on his own and as chatty as any healthy 10 year old and itching to return home.

His energy levels had come back to normal and he was allowed to go home on 27.05.2010. DJ had cheated death, thanks to a wholistic method of treatment derived from food supplements. DJ WAS CURED of DENGUE HAEMORRHAGIC FEVER. DJ was advised to continue the supplements for another 3 months to rebuild his immune system and general health.