The World and Malaysia loses the battle against Diabetes


Allopathic Medical experts say that by 2035, the world will have more than 592 million people with Diabetes Mellitus. 

In Malaysia the Allopathic Medical Association, claims too many allopathic doctors amounting to about 5000 every year churned out by 40 Medical Colleges, but no new hospitals to give them jobs. With more than 50,000 allopathic doctors, 335 Hospitals, 40 Medical Colleges, almost RM 3 Billion budget, the results shows only 15% of the 3 million diabetics in Malaysia have blood sugar control below 6.5 mmol/L, let alone the quality of health. 

If the target is only to control blood sugar, it is a tragic failure on the part of allopathic hospitals. Diabetics suffer from severe loss of quality health, despite blood sugar ( HBA1C ) below 6.5. What is the use of only keeping 15% of the diabetics with blood sugar below 6.5% but nothing to protect them from serious oxidative damage from the disease and the allopathic drugs.

Diabetic management is not only about controlling blood glucose levels but is about keeping the patients healthy, without any serious complications such as cardiomyopathy, neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, erectile dysfunction, chronic fatigue, vascular problems, diabetic ulcers and drug related iatrogenicity.

Without doubt the treatment provided in allopathic hospitals are far from satisfactory. It is time these allopathic Institutions conduct a value analysis and reality check on their protocol of treatment and publish the weakness and emptiness inherent in the therapy system.

It is worthwhile to look into alternative remedies and integrate them with the “half baked allopathic“ science to make it more holistic  and effective.