What is the relationship between your immunity and nutrition?

The Ultimate Highly Active Micro Nutrient “state of the art” formulae for prevention and healing of illness. 

The Postulate

The human being is a process consisting of three interdependent interacting aspects; the animating energy, the mind and the physical body. The energy and mind aspects are related to the ‘being nature’ while the physical body is essentially chemical in nature. The body operates with about 7000 bio-chemicals – (1993 data now more bio-chemicals are registered), each of which plays compositely an important part in maintaining the overall physiological health of the body. The concentrations of these chemicals are in a dynamic state, changing every moment as the body uses them for its physiological processes. If insufficient, the body can go into a weak state and if the condition prolongs for a long period the body can go into a disease state. To avoid this impairment of health, the body must be provided with all the bio-chemicals it requires on a continuous basis, only then the body can optimize its health throughout its life span. The health value of any nutritional products must be based on its spectrum of bioactive principles, a full spectrum which can directly or indirectly (internal production), provide the 7000 or so chemicals which will be the ideal product for proactive healthcare and healing.

Boosts immunity

With its broad range of bio-active chemicals in Manna Plus, the body will be able to maintain a very efficient immune system both in the speed and antibody quantum response to ward of invading pathogens or oncogenes which may become a cancer cell within the body system. 

Optimuzing bio-chemical balance in the body

Mas Ayu Manna Plus is carefully formulated using edible seeds such as spices, beans and cereals which contain more than 7000 bioactive chemicals essential for the human being for optimum physiology. Regular intake of Manna Plus will continuously provide all the biochemicals the body requires for its efficient functioning. By maintaining optimum levels of the biochemicals all micronutrients will be available to the body to maintain a high level of health. The immune system will work optimally, the repair process will be very efficient, promoting rapid healing, thus providing the human being with the power to prevent diseases. Manna Plus has got the broadest spectrum of micronutrients to fully provide all micronutrients the body requires for optimal health.


The scientific basis of Mas Ayu Manna Plus health optimization and healing power.

Manna Plus minimizes oxidative stress and damage 

With more than 370 anti-oxidants in Manna Plus, the power of destroying free radicals, or reactive oxygen species, is optimized thus reducing damage to macro bio-molecules such as protein, DNA and lipoproteins.  With the reduction of free radical damage, the body is protected from going into a damaged or disease state. 

Manna Plus is totally safe for long term use

Manna Plus is made from edible seeds, spices and cereals which has been part and parcel of the human diet. Being a food-based product, Manna Plus is totally safe for long term consumption, both for prevention and for healing diseases. This safe nature of Manna Plus has been proven through its use on more than 10,000 patients at AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy Centre ( refer www.amriasia.org for research and healing information ).

Manna Plus must be taken continuously for optimum health

Human health is momentary, it can deteriorate once the biochemical balance is disrupted over a period of time. It is for this reason than Manna Plus must be taken on a continuous basis. As a wellness supplement, one capsule of Manna Plus can provide the micronutrients needed, however when the body is in an impaired dysfunctional or disease state, the dose must be doubled or tripled.

Manna Plus provides proactive healthcare and prevents illness

By providing all the biochemicals necessary for optimum health, the human body will be empowered with optimum immunity and secure the power to protect itself from infectious diseases and metabolic disorders. Viral diseases such as respiratory infections, flu and fever will be prevented through a powerful, stable, proactive immune system. The metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders can be prevented early in life. Manna Plus provides the full nutritional power to maintain a state of optimal health (disease refusal state) throughout life.