Statins Linked to 227 Deaths

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency released figures that call for an urgent review of the safety of cholesterol lowering medication.

The latest figures in the UK show over 20,000 reported side effects, including over 220 deaths.

One of the most commonly reported side effects is muscle damage. Not only is it debilitating, but it can also be fatal.

In a completely separate study in the US, cholesterol lowering drugs were linked to 3039 cases of rhabdomyolysis (where the body is poisoned by muscles breaking down leading to acute kidney failure), where a further 240 patients died.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick says, "These reports are just the tip of the iceberg as most doctors do not report side effects. The data uncovered is very alarming and shows the risks of these drugs have been downplayed. For many patients the benefits of statins may not be worth the harms.”

And other doctors agree. Dr David Diamond, a professor in molecular pharmacology, and Dr Uffe Ravnskov, an expert in cardiovascular disease, concluded in their study published in Review of Clinical Pharmacology:

“The adverse effects suffered by people taking statins are more common than reported in the media and at medical conferences.

“Increased rates of cancer, cataracts, diabetes, cognitive impairments and musculoskeletal disorders more than offset the modest cardiovascular benefits of statin treatment.”

Not only that, most people don't realise that cholesterol HEALS. If we do have inflammation, if we do have calcification of the arteries, cholesterol is likely to rise. It is trying to heal the damage. Taking the cholesterol away is taking away our protection from heart disease! And, it is generally combined with a prescription of a low-fat diet, which again, increases our risk for heart disease.

The Masai people in Kenya saw vegetables as "food for cows." Their diet was meat, meat, and more meat (full fat, they didn't throw anything away). And they consumed gallons of Zebu milk every day; they consumed around 70% of their calories as fat. Researchers expected their blood cholesterol levels to be through the roof. But they were the among the lowest ever measured. And, they had no inflammation, and no sign of modern chronic diseases like heart disease.

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