One Day Seminar on Natural Healthcare & Healing on Diabetes & Cardiovascular Diseases

On 2nd August 2015, a one day seminar was held on Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Diseases at the AK Center of Human Excellence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This program was organized by the Malaysian Association of Natural Medicine Practitioners (MANMP) and supported by the Department of Research & Study, AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Center.

This seminar was held to provide public awareness Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular disease and the natural way of prevention and healing of these diseases. The course leader and guest of honour for this seminar was Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan president of MANMP. More than 60 people attended this seminar from different part of Malaysia and among them there were several allopathic doctors and naturopaths. 


Participants from different parts of Malaysia, including allopathic doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, nurses, therapist and the general public. 


Balan Krishnan, Emcee of the program, seating next to Dato Sri Santana Kumar. 


Participants in all races from Malaysia

During the seminar Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan described the weakness of the conventional medical system to prevent and cure the diseases; he also presented his guidelines and protocols on management of diabetes mellitus after years of research on natural medicine and reported some of his real-time outcome driven case studies on different diabetic patients healed by HAMNF supplements. 


Prof. AK describing alternative natural medicine and integrative therapy in Diabetes Mellitus 

Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan mentioned that only by focusing on diseases, the human being cannot be healed and the illness cannot be managed. He added that conventional allopathic medicine has focused on diseases rather than healing human being as a whole; and that is the reason of the failure of this system on prevention and management of Diabetes Mellitus.


In launch time, a small exhibition has been held for presenting part of the researches done by Prof. AK and his research team, and to introduce the important books on alternative and natural medicine. 

DSC02167 DSC02165

The session has been continued by an overview on cardiovascular diseases and described the myth about the cholesterol by exposing the fallacy that cholesterol causes heart diseases; and reviewing the case story of the heart patients who has been heard by HAMNF and an introduction to proactive and forecaring healthcare for the prevention of the weakness and illness by Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan. At the end of seminar Prof. AK answered to all the questions of the participants.



Certificate presentation by Dato Sri Santana Kumar and Prof. AK

DSC02226 DSC02211

At the end of session Dato Sri Santana Kumar gave a short speech about the progress in research and development of natural alternative remedies for Dengue Fever. 


Simin Azarmehr
Research Officer
Department of Research,
AK Pharmacy & Naturopathy Center