About Us

Introduction to Dimesoft Sdn. Bhd.

Man has journeyed far and wide to come to the present state of science and technological development and achievements, social and life values are accentuated. Immense and continuous efforts are focused on improving and enhancing the quality of life. In pursuance of excellence and in ensuring existence of the human race, healthcare and its business has become a towering giant in the world economy but unfortunately, its sciences, knowledge and practices are emphasized and narrowed unto sickness and diseases instead of healthcare and preventions.

Dimesoft Sdn Bhd.  Is a private limited company. It is the world distributor for the Mas Ayu Range of natural healtcare products.

Mas Ayu Range of products is a fully researched natural healthcare formulae developed by Prof. Dr Ananthan Krishnan, who is a Naturopath and also a registered Pharmacist. Mas Ayu Range of Products has been clinically tested on 13,000 people and is widely used by more than 50,000 people worldwide.

Dimesoft Sdn. Bhd. has 14 products for consumption and for external use approved by the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau on 28th April 2005. Another 10 new products are currently pending approval.