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Healing Philosophy of Mas Ayu

Mas Ayu recipes work towards creating a disease refusal state (DRS) in the ordinary individual, it heals diseases by balancing the disrupted nutrient and biochemical states. The thousands of bio-active principles in the spices will restore the disrupted balances in the human body and bring the immune state to its optimum. The disease preventing power of the human body will be enhanced to its limits, thereby protecting the body from illness.

Mas Ayu recipes are presented in a capsule form which is compact and easily consumed. These recipes have nutritional bio-active components which maintain the bio-chemical balance of the body. The reasons for capsulating the Mas Ayu recipe are:

For the easy consumption of the product
To protect the bio-active components of Mas Ayu from the natural reaction of oral enzymes
To protect the spices from the cooking process where the bio-active components are not destroyed
To control the rate of consumption of Mas Ayu

rapi masaki tenang maskal
angin cerna nafas sema
pahit semalu ginkgo kolostrum
neem dadih haliat kamas​​




Mas Ayu is the product of many years of scientific research and the quest for a natural food based supplement collectively by naturopathist, pharmacists and doctor after more than five years of trials on patients, Mas Ayu family of preparations ranks among the best in natural medicine, using food spices as the basic ingredient. The various formulae are carefully compounded for all major disease states, both for prevention, adjunct therapy and management.

The superiority of Mas Ayu is in its safety and efficacy, since the ingredients have been used in food for thousands of years and its safety has been fully confirmed, its efficacy is the best among other categories of natural medicine such as herbs, which are made from roots and leaves.